March 2, 2013

Chevron Obsession

There are a couple projects around the apartment that I have neglected to share, and pretty much all of them involve chevron pattern. It's ridiculous. I cannot get enough of this stuff! As you can see by my blog background, it is my favorite thing right now, and I don't care who knows it!

My first project involves showing off our college diplomas in the newly organized office (You can see the progress here, here and finally, here). Joseph finally got his diploma the last time we visited his parents' house, and I have had mine since graduation almost 2 years ago (time flies!). I found some clear glass display frames from Hobby Lobby (for half-off, of course). 

The first thing I did was search for free printables to use as background for the frames. After doing a simple google search, I found an amazing blog called Mel Stampz (you can visit her blog here). She has many free printables in many patterns that you can download anytime you want. The paper I chose was a simple chevron pattern (link to the paper I downloaded is here). I printed the pomegranate color for myself (really crimson, ROLL TIDE!) and the coffee and cream color for J. 

Next, I had to be a little creative, because my printer only takes regular 8.5x11 inch paper and the frames were 12x16 inches. Basically, I printed 2 pages of each type of paper, then glued them to the back of the frame to cover as much of the background as possible. I don't have step-by-step pictures, but I think it's simple enough. So here's some before and after pics for you...

Before (with my diploma hanging boringly by itself) -- SO lonely :(

Close-up of Joseph's Diploma (as you can see, I couldn't cover the whole background, but it looks pretty good, I think!)

Close-up of mine!

After - - SO much better looking! 

There are a few other projects I did with some chevron influences, and I got the free printables for them from fotoblossom HERE. And here are my pictures! 

Giraffe print my sister gave me for my birthday last year 
with grey and white chevron background and a thrifted frame. 
Goes above my bedside table (LOVE GIRAFFES!).

Here's the whole picture above my bedside table, cute huh? 

Colorful chevron print with one of our wedding 
picture and a thrifted picture frame. 

Hopefully you will not judge me for using too much chevron, and I hope you will use these free printable rather than buying paper! 

- A

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