February 9, 2013

Final update to office overhaul...for now...

After I finished organizing the office and cleaning the apartment, something dawned on me. We are moving from this place in just a few short months. J and I have decided that no matter whether he gets into dental school here or not, we want to find more of a single dwelling home or town home to rent for our time in dental school. This is mostly because we know we will both be gone a lot (Me with work and J with school and studying), and we want Dexter to be able to stay outside during the day. 

Good idea, but why did I just organize the office again? Well here's a reason -- J got a J-O-B! 

So, J's dad is a doctor. He has a bunch of medical records that need to go from paper to computer. So guess what J is going to do for the next 3-4 months? Organize and scan ALL of the papers into  the electronic medical record database! Fun? Maybe not, but it pays the bills. We will be able to save up some more money before J starts school and we take out a HUGE loan to pay for it. 

That was a huge answer to prayer, so while J was at his parents house figuring out all these boxes and how he was going to transport them back here, I quickly finished organizing to give him some workspace. So here are the photos before He brings in loads of papers...

My desk/wall before


J's desk/wall before 


Closet wall before


Deer Head wall before


(I even found a way to "upcycle" my old shoe shelf from college into a makeshift shelf for J's weights!!) -- well, the small red ones are mine, of course! 

I think not only does this room look better, but it is WAY more functional as a useable space (because we never really went into this room before now). Also, if I do walk in, my brain doesn't hurt as much, which is always a plus. 

Though this may be time wasted, I will have a much better idea of what we want our office space to look like wherever we live in the next chapter of our lives! 

- A

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