February 4, 2013

Last two interviews down...waiting to go.

As some of you may know, J had 2 interviews last week. One was at the University of Louisville, and the other was at UAB. As you can imagine, we both want to go local, but we can't really complain since we know he is going to school this fall no matter what. So here's as much as I know...

Monday. University of Louisville interview. After driving into Louisville Sunday night, J got some sleep at his hotel. Monday morning was his interview. He said that all went well, and after the interview he met up with a mutual friend that goes to U of L dental school to talk about the interview. J was so tired that on the way back he stopped at a hotel in Tennessee to rest and made it the rest of the way back to B'ham Tuesday morning. That same morning, he got an email from Louisville saying that he was on the "first to contact" waiting list!! Yay! 

Wednesday. J got up and went to his 11am UAB interview. They first had lunch with current students and walked around the dental school. So weird that I was only a few blocks away at work (UAB Hospital) while all this was going down. He then sat and waited for his interview (of course he wasn't first). He said all went well, and he was told he would know in the next two to three weeks whether he gets into UAB! 

SO stay TUNED! We will know something soon, but if neither of these schools work out, sunny Florida here we come!!! I only hope that if we move there the people I end up working with understand using Roll Tide as a greeting. Seriously. Those of you that I work with now know what I'm talking about. 


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