February 22, 2013

A lil Pepto will do a lot of good + new book-ness.

Yes, I have been a little MIA this week. I had the stomach bug :( 
No fun at all. It started with spaghetti for dinner, and ended with spaghetti in the toilet. The best part was when Joseph asked me if I saw any whole noodles. REALLY? While I'm still sick? 

But yes. Whole noodles were sighted. After a dose of Pepto and a WHOLE lot of light blue Gatorade, I recovered. I think I slept for about 30 hours. I wish I could have those hours back!! 

Anywho, I just started reading an interesting book yesterday Called tales of the MADMAN underground by John Barnes. Yes, that is how the title is on the book cover. So far (well about 20 pages in) it is pretty good. It's about a high schooler, but I'm probably still about as mature as a high schooler, so it works. My english teacher friend lent it to me, so if it's terrible, I can blame her! Hah. She has an awesome blog by the way, which you can read HERE

Let me know what you think about this book if you have read it, Also what is your favorite rainy day read?? 

- A

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  1. Woo hoo! It's been a while since I read it, but I remember liking it a lot!! Thanks for the shout out!