February 5, 2013

Organizing all of the yarns - (office overhaul part two)

Many of you may be thinking "What did Abby do on her sick day yesterday?"; "Maybe she slept in and watched movies with a box of tissue?"; or "What about some herbal tea?". NOPE.

So what didn't I do...haha. I DID sleep in, took some cold meds, then proceded to continue my office overhaul in the afternoon. Sometimes when I am home alone, I get stir crazy. No matter how bad or tired or whatever I feel I can't just lay there and do nothing. I think I have a disease!

So you may remember my last post on sorting all of my knitting supplies and such. Today I just have a few progress photos for you from the office. Keep in mind that I am doing this (hopefully) without buying any supplies at all! Just using stuff I have lying around the apartment, so it probably won't be as awesomely cool as someone else's office overhaul.

Here goes... (before pics)

Wall One

Wall Two

Wall Three

Wall Four

On a separate note, while I was organizing and cleaning, I made myself a strawberry-peach protein smoothie to sip on:

 1. 6 oz orange juice
2. 1 handful frozen strawberries and peaches
3. 1 large handful spinach
4. 1 scoop vanilla protein powder
5. 2 large spoonfuls plain, low-fat Greek yogurt

I blend mine with an immersion blender because it's easier than putting everything in the regular blender and having to clean the blender! Haha LAZY!

So...as I drank my smoothie I got some things organized. Here is what I have so far...

Progress on wall two

Beautiful, accessible, organization

 Cute little corkboards I found when I was cleaning out J's desk!

 Still don't really know what to do with the shipping supplies, but I at least got them somewhat under control.

More to come on this later, but right now I am home alone with J starting a job with his dad this week in Hville. Risky business? Nah. I think I'll just veg-out on the sofa and catch up on Walking Dead! Premiere Sunday Feb 10th!

- A

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