February 11, 2013

Pink Duct Tape

What is that you say? Someone tired? But it's only Monday! 

It has been a heck of a Monday. At work this morning I ended up doing some administrative type work (really not something I enjoy), then got off work and went to get my oil changed, just to find out there are about $700 worth of stuff wrong with my car. Good thing they didn't even ask me about the pink duct tape on driver's side backseat window...haha. 

Anyway, it's been one of those days, and really nothing bad has happened. I just made a grilled cheese that's really bad for me, and now I'm off to bed with a steaming hot mug of passion tea (props to the hubs) and the computer so I can watch some guilty pleasure tv. You know you ALL want to do the same! By the way, it's not even 8pm...wow. 

Goodnight world! 

- A 

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