January 21, 2013

Organizing all of the Yarns - (Office overhaul part one)

This organizational project is WAY, WAY overdue. I have been knitting for almost seven years now, and have accumulated a lot of yarn. Maybe not a lot compared to a knitting store, but a lot for living in a 900 square-foot apartment. 

When J and I got married, we got rid of a few things, but mostly gained a lot of things. Our wedding presents included all of the normals (china, kitchen appliances, bedding, etc), but it also included most of the furniture we now own. They are hand-me-downs, but boy do we love them (well mostly the fact that we didn't have to pay for them). 

Our tiny space was filled, but there was limited space for other things, like a craft room. Thus what follows...

Somewhat close-up of the "knitting station" I created for myself once I started my Etsy shop this past fall. 

What it looks like when you are looking from the kitchen into the living area. Notice the lovely burnt orange couch, a gift from J's great aunt and uncle. 

So, after months of being annoyed by not being able to reach my yarn unless I stand on the arm of the couch, I have decided to make my "knitting station" more functional by moving it into our second bedroom, or home office (the title "home office" cracks me up because we don't even use this room, except to store things we don't always use). 

This is only the beginning of the office overhaul. My first task was to organize all of my yarn, much of which was tangled beyond belief because of a certain furry friend (Dexter). He enjoys getting into yarn when I leave it on the floor or coffee table.

Once I untangled everything and got rid of the unusable scraps, I divided yarn and supplies into these categories:

1. Full skeins of yarn

2. Partly used skeins

3. Scraps (can be used to tie tags to finished projects or for washcloths, etc.)

4. Knitting Supplies

5. Shipping 

6. Finished Projects

Now that I have everything organized, my next step is to organize the "office" to make it more knitting friendly. Stay tuned! 


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