January 20, 2013

Bacon gone bad?

Have you ever let a whole package of bacon go bad? Hard to believe, I know, but I have. I think it has to do with having too much food in the refrigerator, bad meal planning skills, or maybe it's just me. 

(Almost Bad Bacon) 

Here's a tip. Next time you have too much bacon on your hands, cook it all! it doesn't take a long time, and you can do "many" things with it. 

(Sizzle, Sizzle) - I love that noise! - But not the grease popping on me! 

1. Put pre-cooked slices in plastic bags and heat up in the microwave for sandwiches or breakfast on-the-go

2. Crumble up and add to your favorite salad, soup and so on. Store in a airtight container in the refrigerator

3. Pour bacon grease into a bowl until it cools, then put in airtight container and freeze for future use on your favorite gumbo recipe! 

Ok, so maybe three doesn't = "many", thus why I put quotations around the word. This is where you come in. What are your favorite things to do with bacon? any other uses besides the ones I came up with? 

Now, I will enjoy my use for this "almost bad bacon"...potato soup! 



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