January 20, 2013

In The Beginning.

Hello there! Here we are. New Year, new blog. Two young people still newly (ish) married, launching into the world of dental school in August. But where will we go? If only we knew...

Here begins the story of J and A. 

^ This is A (with straight hair). She is a nurse in the operating room. She loves her job, though it comes with some drawbacks, namely being on call a lot. But it's worth it for now. She also loves to knit and has a store on Etsy.com. Enough about that for now.

^ This is J. He is married to A. J just found out he got into dental school at a school in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (far from home). He also has a few interviews this month!! Hooray. It's been a long road to get in, but he finally knows He is going to school somewhere in the fall. 

O yea, that dog in the picture...that is Dexter. He is crazy to say the least. He was rescued from the Humane Society in November 2011. He is a lab/hound mix, and has more energy than J and A put together. It is very interesting keeping him entertained in an apartment, but for now he is content being an only dog-child. 

This is the end of the introductions. Never fear, there is more to come shortly in this story. Soon we will chronicle the next two dental school interviews. 


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