March 24, 2013

Sunday Fashion Post: Loving solids

I've decided that at the beginning of each week I will do a fashion post of my favorite outfit from the week before. This week, we went out to get mexican food with some good friends from church. Excuse to dress up? Maybe not. But I take full advantage of every time I feel up to thinking of a new way to arrange my wardrobe into an outfit I haven't worn before. 

Don't you just LOVE pairing old with new and coming up with different and interesting outfit? I do. Being a nurse has its downfalls. One, it's exhausting. Two, uniform must be worn at all times. Usually I think of that as a plus, because the last thing I want to do in the morning when I am tired is pick out an outfit. Lately, though, I've noticed that I barely get to wear the clothes I do have in my closet, however few they are. 

When it comes to buying items of clothing, I pretty much always go with solids. Here is a way to make them look good (or at least I think so!) The only thing I would change is maybe doing a printed flat (leopard, maybe?) or wedge. 

Also, if you notice my hair looking exceptionally nice in these pics, it is because I got a haircut! (well a trim, really)...


a little silliness to start off your week-slash-end your week-end! 


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