March 18, 2013

To all you May-book-ians

My May book came in the mail today!!! Those of you who own a May book, or have owned several know exactly how I feel. If you have OCD tendencies like I do, you probably desperately want to feel the way I feel...drumroll please......

TAH DAH! This is probably the prettiest agenda book I have ever owned in my life, and boy do I love it! Since my sister and both of my sisters-in-law are getting married this year, I thought it would help me to organize my to-do's into a book I can carry with me wherever I go. The May book is the perfect size for that. It will even fit in my cross-body purse that is smaller than a piece of printer paper. The cover is canvas, so it is very durable, and the pages are literally stitched together, which makes it hard to tear open. 

I got the idea to buy a May book from my friend Cait over at Southern Curls & Pearls. Her post about her May book (which can be found HERE) inspired me to order my very own...

Here's a look inside my book!

It looks like, from Cait's post, that the 2013 May book is a little different from her 2012 version when it comes to the week-by-week pages, but I find it very easy to use and SO convenient.

My favorite part of buying this May book was saving 40% on it right away! The code I used is no longer active, but if you Google "may book coupon codes", you should find some sort of discount. With my 40% off coupon, my May book came to $18 including shipping. That is definitely cheaper than a Vera Bradley agenda book, which is what I used to buy. 

Question of the night:

-What agenda books have you used in the past, what has worked and what hasn't worked? 

- A 


  1. that is so cute :) I LOVE agendas and notebooks (and yes I think the OCD tendencies definitely play into that!) I actually usually find some really cute ones at the dollar store, but occasionally I will splurge and get a really pretty one.

    1. It's so silly, but if my planner looks prettier, I tend to use it more. And maybe have a little more organization in my life? That still remains to be seen though! haha.

  2. I used to buy planners at target, for me, I preferred to have the ones that have the week view plus the month view. I don't however prefer the ones with the time slots in them.

    My last job required me to have a planner, without it I would have really gone nuts! :) BUT, now.. I no longer need one. It's a little bit weird, and a bigger adjustment, in all truthfulness, but, I think this one is beautiful! In the future if I need one I will consider a May book, it looks beautiful! :)

    1. Yes, the time slot ones bug me. For some reason I really don't want to write down what I'm doing every hour. Just want to have a general idea about my week and not forget important appointments and such! Thanks for your comment!