August 1, 2013

Two weeks down, and feeling pretty good!

So, yes, we live in South Florida now. And yes, I started my first travel nursing assignment last Monday. For those of you who do travel nursing or change nursing jobs frequently, you know better than I do how frustrating new things can be. Let's just say last week wasn't great. 

First of all, my new co-workers are GREAT! They have all been really welcoming and nice to me, and have helped me immensely as I struggle to learn the differences between my old job and my new job. It's funny when you are hired for the exact same job in a different location/hospital, and it ends up being totally different even though the job descriptions are the same. 

I won't go into detail because people who don't know CVOR nursing will have NO IDEA what I'm talking about, but I feel like with almost two weeks under my belt that I'm starting to feel comfortable with the way this OR does things. At the beginning of this week I was counting down the days I have left, but tonight I feel like I could accept a contract renewal from them at the end of 13 weeks! What a difference a few days can make. Whenever I get overwhelmed with work I tend to make the worst of things, but in those moments when I remember why I do what I do, it all comes back to me. Sometimes only prayer works.

In other news, Joseph is going completely batty at home. He starts school in T-MINUS 5 DAYS! He is so excited/anxious/scared I can't even describe it, but for the present moment he is bored. In fact, he bought a used copy of LEGO Harry Potter (a video game) and beat the whole thing in 2 days. Productive, huh?! We're hoping to FINALLY go to the beach on Saturday, so maybe I will have some pictures of the area for y'all Monday! 

- A

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