August 17, 2013

Our future area rug (and other rugs we liked)

Ever since we moved, we have been looking for a good, neutral area rug for the living room. We didn't want anything too crazy because our curtains are very colorful, as well as our burnt orange sofas. Enter A website that I had previously thought overrated has now become my best friend. If you look around long enough, you will find a great deal on that website like I did. 

Here are a few of the rugs we liked:

too modern for Joseph (Spirals Orange Rug)

And...drumroll please....

I originally found this rug at for $549.00 (way too high). When I looked for it elsewhere, I saw it on for $399.00 last weekend and almost bought it, but I'm so glad I didn't. Today when I clicked on the link I had made to look at it again, I saw that it went down to $326.24!! If that wasn't awesome enough, I had ordered some Le Parfait canisters from the same website to put coffee in, and overstock sent me a 10% off coupon to my email! After applying that code, I bought this rug for $293.62. That is a whopping $255.38 off the original price (almost half off). For something that good quality, I am beyond excited about my find. 

Question of the day: 

- What is your favorite discount website/store? 

love, A

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