August 4, 2013

Birthday Wish List!

While Joseph and I were running errands today, I found myself thinking about what I wanted for my birthday this year. Every year I feel like I have gone more and more functional as far as presents, so I wanted to do a little of both this year. 

1. Ray Ban Sunglasses

these are the original Ray Ban Wayfarers in tortoise with green lenses. Pretty classic, ya think? 

2. Hobo Wallet 

this is the Rachel wallet in Jade. I am loving this green color, and I haven't bought a new wallet in about 6 years. Yep. Seriously.

3. Hard Case Luggage 

Since Joseph and I will be traveling a lot more (at least on a plane), I thought it would be great to get some sturdier luggage. And I am OBSESSED with giraffe print. 

4. New shoes for work 

Yes, giraffe again. I cannot find these things anywhere!! I am hoping that one of the clog companies either comes up with something similar or re-issues these again! If any of you know where I can find giraffe print clogs, let me know! 

Obviously, I do not expect to get all of these items, but it just gives you guys an idea, and maybe one of these will end up on your birthday list! (I can't believe I just typed "you guys", turning into a northerner). 

Question of the weekend: 

- What is/was on your birthday list this year? 


- A

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