July 27, 2013

{why I love} Target

Today was a lazy rainy Saturday. Joseph and I were planning to go to Ft. Lauderdale beach if the weather permitted, but thus, we awoke to a thunderstorm. Even though our plans were ruined, there's something to say about sleeping late during a rain storm...so relaxing. 

Since I have been hanging around the house all day, I ended up doing a little online shopping to update my wardrobe. I am one of those people who purges a lot ... meaning if I don't wear something often enough, I will sell it (@ liketwice.com) or donate it. Because of that, I am always looking for new trendy items cheaply. 

Enter Target.com. I love Target, but when I'm actually in the store I tend to spend WAY more money than I planned to start with. Target.com allows me to plan a little more and search for clearance items that may or may not be at my local store. Plus, spending $50 means FREE SHIPPING! Here is a little snippet of my mini shopping spree. 

This is a little more colorful than usual, but lately I noticed how black and white my wardrobe is, and I'm hoping little splashes of color here and there will help. All of these items were on clearance, btw. Awesomeness. 

Happy weekend! 

- A 

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