July 18, 2013

Here we are in South Florida....

It's been awhile. We've been busy. I feel bad that I didn't take too many pictures on the way down to South Florida last Monday, but we did travel all the way there in ONE DAY! It all seems a little surreal sitting in this new apartment (which is on the ground floor, by the way! - all of you apartment people will appreciate the glory of that), but it's starting to feel like home. 

Here's a little peak at what we walked into once we got our keys. Later, I will give you a glance at our progress (though limited it might be!).


 Living Room: 

Screened-in Patio: 

Living Room (looking from the patio door):

"Master Bath": 

1/2 Bath: 

Kitchen (to the left off the entry way): 



And, I almost forgot bedroom. Bad picture, but at least Dexter's feeling at home: 

I almost failed to mention the annoying thing right now: WEATHER! We keep trying to have a beach day before I start my job next week, and every morning we wake up to rain :(. It must not be meant to happen. At least We didn't have a full on hurricane! 

That's it for now, but we would love suggestions on what to do when you move to a new place! 

- A

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