July 20, 2013


Yesterday was not a great day. Woke up late (as usual), and just felt, well...stuck. We're new to town, don't know anyone, and I'm getting stir crazy because I'm ready to start my new job (so excited about it by the way!). 

So what do I do? Create an entry way photo wall, of course! I started out with too many picture frames, so I decided to go with trial and error to figure out placement. Some blogs suggest to use poster board to map out your photo wall, which I want to try in the future, but I was too impatient. I think it turned out pretty good, though. 

I plan to trade out some of the older photos for pictures from the recent weddings once I get them. Until then, I like it. 

Also, praying that everything goes well Monday morning at my new job. It is a travel assignment (13 weeks long) at a hospital in Atlantis, FL, which is just south of West Palm Beach, baby! I have never had to commute an hour to work, so that should be interesting to say the least. 

Puppy lovin' 

Have a great weekend! 

- A

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