May 13, 2014

The Destin Flood of 2014

This time two weeks ago, Joseph and I were relaxing in a condo in Destin (yes, we live in South Florida, but we drove all the way up to Destin to go to the beach with family). My dad had a Rheumatology convention he had to go to for work (he is a pharmaceutical rep), so we jumped at the chance for a free place to stay at the beach and time with my parents! Little did we know what kind of weather would be awaiting as we arrived in northwest Florida...

When we first arrived on Tuesday, beach deserted, trying not to get stung by flying sand!

To the left of the pool area is water...

Needless to say, the beach was beautiful, but eerie. And yes that water in the picture above is not supposed to be there! The condo building next to ours had some flooding, and so did ours. Thankfully we were not on the first floor of the building, so we avoided having to move rooms. Tuesday afternoon was spent grocery shopping and going to dinner at The Red Bar with some friends who were in town. My parents arrived late Tuesday night, so we did not see them until Wednesday morning. 

It rained all day on Wednesday:(. Rachel, my good friend from college came in town and stayed with us for a night! Wednesday night we hung out at the condo working on puzzles, catching up, and eating shrimp and grits. Thursday morning was dreary, but in the afternoon we were able to go out on the beach and relax some, sans sun. Joseph enjoyed eating fresh oysters all week from Shrimpers Seafood Market (we love that place!). Sadly, we missed my sister, brother, and brother in law because they arrived for the weekend just after we left for home:(

The week ended with an all day drive back to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday, and a great weekend with girlfriends for me while Joseph attended the men's retreat at our church!

We had so much fun in Destin, and being there reminds me of childhood family vacations. At least every other year our family would go to the beach during the summer. Destin is one of my favorite places to go because it is so close to great restaurants and fun things to do. 


even though we're adults, we can still take silly pics

Rachel and I 


Have a great hump day tomorrow! I'll be back tomorrow with recommendations on eats and hangouts in Destin! 


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