May 16, 2014

Favorite spots in Destin

Even though it's a day late, I did promise that I would post our favorite places to visit on the Gulf Coast. Here are a few of our favorites (the best!!)...

The Red Bar 

This is by far one of the best places to eat near Destin. It's actually located Greyton Beach, but from where we were staying in San Destin it was only a 15 minute drive. This place is famous for their short chalkboard menu and their amazing food! They are always changing specials depending on what fresh fish they have at the time. 

When we went, I got the blackened grouper. It came served on a grit cake (basically cheese grits pattied up and grilled in a good) with amazing sauce and served with a salad. Their salad is so simple, but the dressing is to die for. It is a tomato basil vinegarette, and you can click HERE for the recipe! Joseph got the shrimp and crawfish pasta, which was also delicious. 

If you decide to make this place one of the stops on your next beach trip, go early! They get crowded quick. The magic time of arrival is 6:00pm. If you get there a little before 6, you'll be seated right away, but by 6:30, forget it! The only other thing to note if you go to The Red Bar is that they take cash or check only for payment. They do have an ATM inside the restaurant, but who wants an ATM fee? 

the inside of the Red Bar

Baytowne Wharf 

This place is awesome! Whether you have small kids, big kids, or no kids there is always something to do at Baytowne. It's a housing community on the bayside of San Destin, but it has an entire little town full of restaurants, bars, arcades, shops, and more. We love to go there to just window shop  and walk around when we're done at the beach for the day. One of our favorite places to eat there is ACME Oyster House. My mom and Joseph love a good shrimp po'boy

Beautiful Baytowne Wharf at sunset. Since this picture was taken, they added a zip line that goes across the water! 

ACME Oyster House at Baytowne Wharf

Shrimper's Seafood Market

Joseph and I both LOVE fresh seafood. Thankfully we have access to it here in South Florida since we live near the coast. Whenever we go to the Gulf, we either make crab cakes or shrimp and grits, and Joseph buys raw oysters! This time we went, we got our seafood from Shrimper's. They have great seafood and the prices are very fair. Joseph got 15lbs of fresh raw oysters for $25. I don't like oysters, but I got some delicious spicy crab dip for myself. 

Raw Oysters

Inside of Shrimper's (sorry a/b the quality!)

I hope this helps some of you enjoy Destin a little bit more the next time you visit! Please comment below with any of your favorite places on the Gulf Coast! 


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