May 7, 2014

Back to Blogland

After a little unintentional hiatus, I am back for awhile! I started my new nursing job near the end of January, which is really busy but going well, and haven't really even checked my blog since then. 

So what's going on with us? Well...

As of last Monday, Joseph finished his FIRST YEAR of DENTAL SCHOOL!!! (Pause for sigh of relief and applause...) I could not be more proud of him for finishing this first phase of grad school. Only 3 more years! He is off for the rest of this week, then starts back with summer classes on Monday. Although I wish he were off for longer now, he does get two other short breaks throughout the summer, which is nice for planning fun trips to see family and maybe a vacation somewhere in there :) 

About to see Aziz Ansari at Hard Rock Casino

My job is going really well! I started off not knowing what would happen (I'm working in the Operating Room) because all of my experience is in Open Heart Surgery, but I am getting to do a little of everything, which is fun and makes time go by pretty quick. I am weird, but I love the intricacies of surgery and the special attention to detail and care of the patient that is involved in it. Sure, the OR has drama, but if you put all that aside, it can be really fun!

Friends at work

We are enjoying Ft. Lauderdale this time of year. We are attending a church here (Rio Vista Community Church) and have found a lot of friends there. There are a lot of singles and couples in their 20s and 30s in this church, so one of the pastors started a ministry for us! We do all sorts of meetings and activities focusing on fellowship, learning and service. I have loved getting to know people through that group and through our community group that meets once a week. 

Community group girls at brunch after church

Sitting on the Reynolds' dock behind their house

Dexter being....Dexter 

Now that things are settling down for my schedule, I want to blog more often about certain things going on in our lives: 

1. Weekly/Bi-weekly update of life with pictures

2. What I'm currently knitting - updated as I start/finish new projects with pattern included (if it's ok to share)

3. Dental School updates/doing dental school through the military

4. Other projects/Product reviews/Personal stories/Recipes, etc.

What do y'all think? Any things that you guys want to hear about that I didn't list? 

Have a great hump day! 


Sunset from my rearview

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