May 6, 2013

My Weekend in Pictures {MAY}

Breakfast, fried egg and cheese sandwich with salsa (Happy Cinco de Mayo??) Yes. 

 Dex doesn't want me to go :(

Vulcan at Steel City Pops. Didn't get a pic of my AMAZING buttermilk popsicle (I ate it too fast!)

Entrance to Homewood Park

Yes, high-fiving Jesus. 

walking through the Vulcan Trail 

where are the mines? but seriously. 

Love this sign. below Vulcan.

One of my new favorite appetizers, french bread toasted with olive oil and goat cheese. Delish! 

So, some shenanigans went on this past weekend. It was fun! I feel like now that it's official that we're moving and we're actually looking for a place to live in Florida, I get nostalgic more often. It's not that I'm sad right now (I have a feeling that will come later...), I just want to make the most of every moment left in my hometown. 

Anyway, I hope all of you had a great Cinco de Mayo! 

- A 

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