May 5, 2013

{weekly fashion post} Jambalaya night!

I am a little late on the uptake with this fashion post, but I have been busy/lazy lately. Do you ever get too overwhelmed to do anything? That's how I feel right now. As we are looking for a place to live in Ft. Lauderdale and figuring out what the next 2 months of our life is going to look like, I just want to curl up in a ball and watch TV all evening when I get home from work. And that's pretty much what I did all week this week. 

I get enough done to make myself feel ok (I'll go to bible study and do the things I HAVE to get done), but other than that, I just want to do something mindless. 

So, back to the jambalaya night, Joseph LOVES to cook cajun food. When crawfish season came upon us, we knew it was time for another jambalaya night with our friends. We do gumbo and jambalaya a lot with our friends from church, and adding crawfish to the mix just seemed natural. Though I do not have a picture of the jambalaya (I got too excited and ate it all too fast), I would like to share what I wore to the shindig...


Happy cinco de mayo, everyone! Have a great Sunday evening.

- A :)

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