January 8, 2014

Work Hiatus & Etsy store shameless plug

As I sit in the living room at our apartment in South Florida, many of you are freezing in the other 49 states. Joseph and I are officially back home...and after almost three weeks away, it feels dang good! (I will admit that I was SO ready to go back to Alabama for some colder weather a few weeks ago, but we definitely got our fill and were more than ready for the warmth!). 

Over the break from school (for Joseph, that is), I accepted a new job as an Operating Room RN! Although I am no stranger to the OR, I only have experience in open heart surgery, and am looking forward to learning the ins-and-outs of everything "O.R." That being said, my job does not start until the end of January, so that gives me some time to .... hopefully not be too bored. To make my time more useful, I have decided to re-open my Etsy store, AHR knits. I knit scarves, blankets and ear warmers for all you folks experiencing "winter". Though currently it is 70 degrees and raining where I am, I like to pretend I need a scarf some days, and knitting them for you people curbs my craving to wear one! 

click HERE to view my shop and order some things to warm you up! Currently, all of my items for sale are made to order. Keep checking for updates as I post some pre-made items so you don't have to wait to get cozy!

Have a great hump day! 

- A 

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  1. Everything in your shop is adorable!! Your so lucky to have a talent like that!